ESbioful® is a liquid microbial fertilizer that promotes the growth of the root and green parts of the plant. Its content is a benign strain of PSEUDOMONAS FLUERESCENS bacteria. This bacteria (strain) was found in 1984 by scientists. It has been transformed into a product in 1989.
While PSEUDOMONAS FLUERESCENS is the chitinase enzyme in which bacteria produce the effect on the plant, it has been transformed into a bacterium that protects and nourishes the plant by creating colonies at the roots of plants without producing any enzyme as a result of 4.5 years of studies.
One of the most important advantages of other bacteria is Siderophores. Siderophore (in Greek iron carrier) is the iron chelating compounds, which are secreted by many plants and some higher organisms. The solubility of iron FE3+ ions in neutral pH is very low and therefore can`t be used by organisms. Siderophores allow these ions to be dissolved through the chelation. These dissolved complexes are taken into the cell by active transport.
Thanks to these siderophores, it easily transports the microelements from the soil and other bacteria to the plant cells easily. In this way, keeping harmful bacteria under the influence, prevents them from damaging the plant. Increases the resistance of the plant against diseases and pests and increases the immune system, helps the plant to be nourished. Therefore, naturally increases the yield of the plant.
In addition to these, creating colony in the root of the plant, increases the tolerance of the plant against abiotic factors (drought, coldness, deficiency or excess of nutrients, salinity, pH etc.).
Improves plant root system and ensures maximum efficiency. Since ESbioful® is a purely ecological product, it does not cause any harm to the living ecosystem, it has no harm to human and environment.

  • ESbioful® helps reduce toxicity in soil.
  • ESbioful® increases the amount of germination in the seeds. Reduces the amount of water used in irrigation.
  • ESbioful® maintains focus on the plant's roots and leaves and simulates the plant's nutrients that the plant can not use.
  • ESbioful® increases tolerance to abiotic stress factors.
  • ESbioful® improves plant resistance against harmful fungal and bacterial soil factors by creating towers at plant roots. 
  • ESbioful® ensures that the plant benefits better from water and nutrients by increasing its root volume.
  • ESbioful® enhances qualitative (aroma, taste, color) and quantitative (quantity) properties of the fruit.
  • Shake well before preparing the mixture.
  • Care should be taken not to mix with copper medicines.
  • It should be kept in a cool environment that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Store at +2 - +8 degrees Celsius.

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